David Mota

Head Customer Experience @
Portugal |

Head Customer Experience @ OLX Brazil – Over the years I have understood that the most important thing are people! No matter what you say, without people, nothing happens. Every day you interact with someone in this fast pace of the digital world and we forget to be how relationships look like. So my focus will always be on treating people as individuals. What’s the point of understanding numbers if you do not understand people? We must have the right balance between people and business. Looking at someone as an individual and not just for their professional skills is a challenge that not everyone wants to have. But, I do. This is what I believe! I am a person who likes to meet new people and learn from them something new. I like challenges and not routines because I lose my creative side easily. I love to travel without destination. As areas of development, i need to develop my rational side in managing emotions, as well as further simplify the way I present an idea, thought, etc. There are no perfect candidates if you do not know what you want and need. If you start from the beginning that people are not perfect, you’ll easily gain time.

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